Happy National Handwriting Day!-Jan 23rd

The art of writing in cursive has become a lost art. Cursive is not longer being taught in public schools, and both children and adults struggle with reading and writing words written in cursive. Why is handwriting so important? There are many reasons, but let’s just name a few: According to the campaign for cursive,

  1. Cursive handwriting stimulates the brain in ways that typing cannot.

  2. You don’t need a computer to rely on technology.

  3. It requires self discipline and focus.

  4. It encourages individuality and humanizes a person.

  5. Increases self confidence and improves reading and spelling ability.

  6. You are able to read cursive writing.

  7. Handwritten signatures are legally binding.

I believe that cursive writing is going to make a comeback. Just like overalls, jelly shoes, and leopard prints came back in fashion, cursive is going to return to the classrooms. Step away from the computer and spend a little time today writing someone a special note to brighten their day :-)

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XOXOX Michelle

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