There is something so unique and pretty to use these beautiful agate rocks to personalize your special event. They come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes…they will go with just about any theme you may have for a wedding, reception, party, or special occasion. I found that at first, they are not that easy to write on in calligraphy. Using the proper ink and nib with them is key. I am using a Hiro nib and Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White.



Go Green! If you are having an environmentally friendly wedding or special event, consider doing these cute little place cards to wow your guests. I love the idea of using kraft paper, that you can purchase at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. You would place them on bamboo picks and stick them down into a succulent plant for your event favor. I personally love succulents…they add such a nice touch to any outdoor patio or kitchen area.



Recently, I had the pleasure and amazing opportunity to create place cards for a special event at Saks Fifth Avenue. The theme was all about greenery, so I did some research and came up with these cute, organic and personalized place cards! You can get a lot of inspiration from pinterest, etsy, etc.

It was so enjoyable and fun to let my creative juices flow and the best thing is people were able to take away something special with their name on it to commemorate the event. Who ever thought you could actually write on leaves! You can pretty much write on anything these days, you just need to get the proper tools to create some beautiful calligraphy.

Current wedding, party, and special events are trending toward these unique place or name cards to add a special personalized touch to their event. Happy Creating! :-)